سمینارهای گروه

  • "Introduction to 5G Wireless Networks." , presented by Dr. S. Mohammad Razavizadeh, IUST - Dec. 2017. download

  • "Massive MIMO for 5G Wireless Networks" , was presented by Dr. S. Mohammad Razavizadeh at the 8th International Symposium on Telecommunications - IST2016, Sep. 2016. download

سخنرانان مدعو

  • Prof. Inkyu Lee, Professor, Korea University, Title: Three Dimensional Beamforming Techniques for 5G Wireless Systems

  • Dr. Shabnam Sodagari, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech. University, Title: Methods for coexistence of Radar and Communication Systems

  • Dr. Moslem Noori, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia (UBC), Title: Multi-Way Relay Channels

  • Prof. Shahram ShahbazPanahi, Associate Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Title: Mobility-aided Wireless Sensor Network Localization via Semi-definite Programming

  • Dr. Amin Mobasher, Member of Technical Staff, Research In Motion (RIM), Title: Interference Alignment in Wireless Communication Systems

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